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Women Techmakers? Google's global program for women in technology. WTM creates visibility so that the world knows you. WTM creates resources so that you've got the skill-sets needed in tech industry. WTM creates community so that you're connected, inspired and motivated to realise your dream and passion.

Android Study Jams? Google's community program providing code-labs about Android technology for beginners. At the end of the session, participants who complete the assigned tasks will get certificate.

Are you interested now? IT IS FREE! Join us here: http://bit.ly/wtmp

Below is the agenda for the full event

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DevFest (Developer Festival) is an international community event initiated by Google to spread Google Technology to Google lover around the globe. DevFest is usually run by a local Google Developer Community around the world which started around September to November annually.

This is the third-time which Google Developer Group Cambodia take the lead to organize this exciting and useful event especially to Cambodia youth who love to use technology. This event also has been organized two times already. The first one is in 2013 at Norton University and the second time is in 2014 at Zaman University.

GDG DevFest Cambodia has move a lot of focus on user participation rather than traditional presentation style. GDG DevFest Cambodia 2015 will be organized in a more technical session and participation and we are also having a women specific group during the event.​​ The Event will be organized into 5 Main Zone.


  1. Opening Session / Tech Talk: In this Zone we will give open by CKCC director and notable people from Google and Successful Local Developer and Technopreneur. We will also having some QA from participants 

  1. Hackhathon Zone: In DAY 1, we will announce Hakthahon and we will start doing some selection of participant by doing a quick programming quiz. The selected pariticipant to join the Hackhathon will be based on the result of the quize. The total amount of selected participants will be 50-80 Developers to join the Hakchaton. Technology to be used will be based on Google Technology such as Android, Maps, Cloud, Firebase, Material Design and so on. Check on https://developers.google.com to learn more.

    The Hackthathon will last one day and a half. Half-Day in Day 1 and Full Day in Day 2.

  1. Coding Zone: This zone will focus on developer joining and writing a variety of guided Code Lab. We will have a complete room which will host around 40-70 developer writing difference code lab full day in DAY 2.


  1. Women in Technology Zone: Because we want to focus on Women we will design a specific space for women. This zone will be organized in DAY 2 of the event. All women will come together to give tech talk, introducing new idea in tech, sharing experiences, coding together for the full day.


  1. Android Zone: In this zone we will focus only on Android. We will give introduction to Android M, Training developer to code in Android and also train them to use Android Studio at the same time.

The whole two days event will be helded at Cambodia Korea Cooperation Center inside RUPP Campus. and will be be supported by Google, CellCard, EZECOM, KhmerSmartKeyBoard. The event will be helded from 03-04 October 2015 from 08.00 AM - 05.00 PM.

You must register to join the event and it is FREE Admission. http://devfestkh2015.eventbrite.com

The main organizers team which can be reach out about the event are Samdy Lonh, Kruy Vanna, Somvannda Kong, Sphat Chy and Malypeour Plong.